NISARG RACHNA was instituted in October 2000 with a motive of creating sensible and responsive designs .Presently the organization is having a young and enthusiastic group of Architects and Designers supported by technically skilled staff for achieving excellence in the field of architecture, interior designing and valuation. The firm is dealing into projects related to Residential ,Institutional ,Commercial architecture and Interior Designing. The organization has a wide consultant base for structural engineering, Services and Infrastructure design. The firm strives to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality in all its designs. Since its inception the firm is constantly trying to achieve perfection in various aspects related to innovations in design and on site timely execution within estimated budget. Nisarg Rachna maintains a close working relationship between the designer and the client for the success and smooth functioning of any undertaken project. Each of the projects is addressed through project teams where our clients and consultants form an active part of the collaborative process towards realizing the potential of the idea.

Our philosophy

NISARG RACHNA - Splitting the words , Nisarg means nature ( Earth ,Sun and Sky ) and Rachna means to Create
This is the philosophy of our firm to create livable space in accordance with the Earth , Sun and Sky

Our concept , theme or ideology is important but not more than client’s emotion , so rather than forcing our signature styles we always try to design buildings keeping in mind the clients lifestyle and necessity