About us

Who We Are

We, at Nisarg Rachna, accommodate the tiniest of the clients’ requirements. At the core, we believe that the end user should have absolute comfort in the spaces and that his relationship with these spaces grows with time. It would be a simile for a human spirit that finds himself comfortable in his own body, so should the building too be that comfortable abode of the human existence.
We understand architecture as a spatial language through which we make spaces communicate well and flow into each other smoothly. A harmonious spatial planning has the potential of influencing people positively. It is this impact that we strive for every time.

what we do

Our design ideas are mainly centered around connecting communities and making the urbanization process more human and environmentally friendly. The process of urbanization is an inevitable one, given the modern‐day development. We focus on ensuring that the mass accommodation is facilitated with other amenities which makes living easier and reduces the carbon footprint.
NR stands for a commune – a bridge between the old and the new, bringing together of communities and strengthening of the human bond. Hence for each of our design project, we have an integrated approach between architecture, interiors and landscape. We take pride in our righteous and ethical design practices, and so do our users.

our mission

We built for the comfort of the occupants, be it a single occupancy house or a high‐rise building. We match up with the latest technology to deliver a warm and cozy ambiance to the occupants.

our vision

“Tomorrow is a progeny of today’s visionaries”
Since our formation, we have a clarity about the services we render. We practice a rational way of working out our design solutions. We are delighted every time a visually appealing and highly functional structure is placed in the locale., that makes a benchmark in the street and influences the neighborhood for the same.

Our team

We are a team of young professionals who are talented, brimming with vibrant ideas and full of zeal. Our team is a close‐knit family who believes in the values of sharing and helping each other to bring out the best of everyone. Our team comprises of Architectural designers who are also technically skilled, which aids in making the design process smoother. We endorse a wide range of projects viz. residential, institutional, commercial, and interior design. Our firm has a wide consultant base for structural engineering, services and infrastructure design.
Ar Parimal Jhuvar
Architect (Proprietor)
Ar. Preeti Shah
Associate Architect
Ar Asik husain
Sr. Architect
Saheda Shaikh
Asst. Architect
Dipak Hansoti
Civil Engineer
Dinesh Patel